How To Pick The Suitable Lawyer For Your Divorce

Is your marriage ending? Are you overwhelmed by what you must do to stop it? Finding the right lawyer is one of the parties to the divorce process. Continue reading to see how you can find the right lawyer for you.

Do not assume you need a lawyer. Most divorces, especially in “no-fault” states, such as California, do not require an adverse legal process. Instead, consider using an experienced mediator. In many countries, the divisions of spousal support, child support and assets follow rigid guidelines that can be determined with simple and inexpensive programs that can serve as the basis for mediation.

Give yourself time, and also give it to your spouse. Reduce the fear and perception of the need for ‘legal confrontations,’ by mutually agreeing not to take any step that materially affects the financial situation of either, without notifying the other and granting a reasonable time to respond.

Start by educating yourself on the divorce laws of your state using the network.

Think about what kind of lawyer you want. Do you prefer an aggressive one who will fight to get everything included in your list or one that solves the paperwork?

Call your state bar association. They often have a reference number just like online guides. Some even offer divorce seminars.

Ask your friends and family the names of lawyers they have hired and who they trust.

Interview at least three lawyers in the family before making a decision.

Hire your lawyer feeling confident that you investigated adequately.


  • Knowing a little about your state’s divorce laws will help you better choose the type of lawyer you want.
  • Ask how much the divorce will cost and how long it will take. Keep in mind that these are estimates that are based on the lawyer’s experience and what you have told them. Your spouse and your lawyer can cause delays and additional expenses that yours could not foresee.
  • Create a divorce strategy with your lawyer. Be clear about what actions you need to take and when it will help you save money.
  • ‘Consider using a divorce mediator instead of, or in addition to, a lawyer’ as told by a divorce and family lawyer in parramatta. They can help solve problems without a legal battle, and usually at a much lower cost. In the present, many courts require mediation before the final hearing is established. In Texas, you will go to arbitration no matter what the case. Going to arbitration without lawyers is a waste of time. If you can not solve your problems alone, a mediator will not do it for you, since you do not have the authority to force something to happen and there are no consequences. Lawyers on both sides offer the extra impetus that makes mediation successful.
  • Determine how skilled your computer lawyer is. It will usually charge you by the hour. A lawyer with excellent computer skills will be less expensive in the end.
  • Remember that there is a reason for the old joke of ‘Why is divorce so expensive? Because it’s worth it!’


  • Do not use your therapist lawyer. It will cost you, and you are not qualified to be.
  • If you have children, and your divorce merely is for compatibility, think genuinely about how it will affect them in general. They are your responsibility.
  • Establish a consultation with the best lawyers in the city, even if it costs you to do so. This will prevent your future ex-partner from hiring you. Be sure to document each visit, so you can later prove that you met with each of them.
  • Before meeting with a lawyer, ask if he charges a fee for the consultation. Whether it is free or cost a tax does not indicate the quality of the lawyer. It probably means 1. they are not very busy at this time and they need more clients, or 2. the lawyers in your area, as a rule, do not charge for a consultation, or 3. they may have an associate or paralegal who handles the most of work once you’ve hired them.
  • The mere fact that he has been highly recommended by your best friend when he divorced does not mean he is the right lawyer for you.